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Intelligent high chloride wastewater COD digestion instrument, model ST106C
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    • Instrument Keywords: chlorine dispenser isometric nitrogen flow correction method unattended

      A high COD wastewater chloro imported proportionally adjusting the flow rate of nitrogen controlled dispenser digestion system;
      A fully bonded GB HJ / T 70-2001 "high chloride determination of COD wastewater chlorine correction method" high chloride testing standards of COD digestion instrument;

      Product development background:
      Determination of COD in wastewater, generally referring to the national standard "Determination of the Chemical Oxygen Demand dichromate Water Act" (HJ828-2017), whereas for the industrial waste water containing high concentrations of chloride, such as oil industry, chemical dyes, organic chlorine chemicals, salt lake brine development industry waste water, since the COD when measured under strongly acidic conditions, where chloride ion is easily oxidized by potassium dichromate, therefore will affect the accuracy of measurement results. So for greater than 1000mg / L, measured less than 20000mg / L high industrial wastewater COD of chlorine, standards generally require "high chloride determination of COD wastewater chlorine correction method" according to HJ / T70-2001.

      Known amount of potassium dichromate solution in water samples and mercury sulfate solution, a strong acid medium and silver sulfate as catalyst, after 2 hours boiling at reflux, to 1.10-phenanthroline as indicator, sulfuric acid ferrous ammonium titration in water samples not reduced potassium dichromate, in terms of the amount of consumption of ferrous ammonium sulfate to a concentration of oxygen consumption, that is, the performance of COD. Chlorine gas and water samples uncomplexed oxidized portion of the formed chloride ions derived, then sodium hydroxide solution after the absorption, potassium iodide, from about 3 with sulfuric acid to adjust the PH ~ 2, using starch as indicator, sodium thiosulfate standard titration solution titration, the amount of sodium thiosulfate consumed in terms of the concentration of oxygen consumption, the correction value is the chloride ion, chloride ion and the performance of COD difference value of correction, shall be measured in real water samples COD.

      Equipment use:
      Body for high-chlorine (water and waste water, chloride ion concentration greater than 1000mg / L, less than 20000mg / L) COD dechlorination of sample digestion.

      For industry:
      Determination of chlorine in wastewater COD oil fields, coastal refineries, oil depots, chlor-alkali plants, steel mills, power plants, agricultural chemicals, food, textile printing and dyeing enterprises, as well as deep sea waste water discharge high.

      Product main advantages:
      1, the heating unit is heated using far infrared ceramic technology export EU technical standards, stable and controllable heating rate;
      2, digestion unit: 1-6, a single hole can be controlled;
      3, a nitrogen gas inlet flow rate is controlled by adjusting the proportion and the like dispenser, a uniform flow distribution, flow rate stability;
      4, computer control using digestion time can be set free, the end of the digestion can be automatically stopped;
      5, the cooling system uses a built-in compressor cooling, cooling water circulating automatically without external cooling water;
      6, the host automatically nitrogen with anti-siphon means to prevent heat absorption liquid suck-back end;
      在线免费观看 7, the control module adopts PLC, LCD touch tablet may be easy to operate remotely

    • Specifications:

      1, the anti-interference chloride: 1000-20000mg / L
      2, measuring range: 10-700mg / L, after exceeding this limit dilution assay for an
      3, the nitrogen flow control: Automatic allocation in parallel, can be a single control channel, the control range: 0-100ml / min
      4, Digestion time: 0-999min adjustable
      5, temperature range: room temperature -300 ℃
      6, host size: 900mm × 455mm × 630mm
      7, Rated voltage: 220V / 50HZ
      在线免费观看 8, rated power: 2400W

    keywords: the new laboratory analytical instruments, intelligent pre-processing equipment

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